Blind Faith

Dear Editor:

We have been treated once again to a silly billy exhortation grounded in obscure readings of scripture and progressing to the conclusion that laissez faire politics are ordained by Jesus. Proof for this is claimed to be the founding fathers and the American constitution.

The author in question seems unaware of the fact there is no mention of Christ, God, Christianity or any like terms in the Constitution; religion is mentioned only in the context of the first amendment prohibition on any law respecting its establishment and the article six prohibition on religious tests for office holders. These facts are due to the majority of the founding fathers being Deists (google Deist founding fathers); they acknowledged “nature’s God”, but did not believe in established religion’s embellishments. Washington, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, and in particular, Jefferson, did not believe in miracles, or divine intervention, or the trinity.

Jefferson revised the new testament with a razor, cutting out all references to the above mentioned items. This “Jefferson Bible” was later printed and distributed to members of Congress for many years.

The Declaration of Independence’s references to the Creator, Supreme Judge, etc, were late insertions to Jefferson’s work by one of the few non-deists among the founders.

The Christian revisionists constant use of the Bible to rationalize their political views has no basis in fact and ignores scripture’s frequent commands to “obey those in authority” (1 Samuel, 15:23, 1Peter, 2:13, Romans, 13:1). If the founders really did follow these precepts there would have been no American revolution!

Research and reason, as opposed to blind faith in their own prejudices, would better inform people’s political views.

Tom Morgan