GOP Jokesters

Dear Editor,

We have a bunch of comedians running as a Republican for president. They are down to Romney, Paul and Gingrich. Take your pick.

Perry couldn’t remember what he was going to do for you, and Cain got lost in translation.

Did he come on to those four women or didn’t he? Ron Paul says Bachman hates Muslims. Who cares? We would like to hear some real rhetoric for a change.

What are they going to do for the country?

You can’t miss by voting for Obama. He is going to win. He has no competition.

Jobs are coming gradually. My two grandsons who graduated from college have gotten jobs with insurance.

Obama passed a law that helped them reduce their college loan payment, so they can move on. We are moving forward. Give him a chance. He inherited the whirlwind.

We are all sick and tired of the Republican threat to shut down the government. They are being paid to run it.

Is that so hard to understand? People are hurting. We are being treated as though we are expendable. Boo Hoo Boehner does this in a very nonchanlant way. He has a total lack of compassion and is oblivious to the every day needs that people have. You constantly hear about the big family he came from, as though that entitles him. Give me a break.

The majority of these congressmen retire as millionaires. They have the best insurance and never spend eight hours on end like a 9 to 5 job.

There is an election coming and we will not forget them. Just ask John Kasich what it feels like.

Thank you.

Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry