Mail Woes

Dear Editor,

I changed my address from the a box office to a rural route because I was not getting mail that was sent to me. I am having the same problem now. I had to call two months in a row for my electric bill. The man from the power company checked and they were mailed to the right address. I have had to call also for my water bill. I get mail about my medicine and other important stuff in the mail. How do I know I am getting all the mail?

A week ago, I had mail in my box which went right down the road from mine. Last week, I had mail for the girl three boxes up from me. I know people make mistakes, but this is mail. I am sure these people were waiting for theirs.

When Robin brings the mail, you always get the right mail. All they have to do is check the mail that they put in each box. We should not have to worry if the right mail is put in the right boxes.


Mary Carpenter