Super Debt

Dear Editor,

What caused the debt super committee failure?

The committee was doomed from the outset, for one major reason, which places the blame directly to who created the failure.

Let us start from the creation of the committee.

The 12 member committee, six members for each political party were to reduce the deficit by 1.2 trillion dollars by reducing expenditures and raising revenue.

The Republican members had orders, no additional revenue, only entitlement reductions. The insistence of the communist style negotiating i:e: no revenue only, reductions in entitlements.

It should be pointed out to middle and lower income Republican voters, your entitlements will be reduced as well as democrat middle and lower income earners. I don’t know how much more plainly your Republican leadership can tell you that their priorities are the upper one percent not you.

The Tea Party has never hidden that fact. Isn’t it about time that you should think before you automatically continue voting for the party that cares less about you?

Alfred Tellitocci