Thank You II

Dear Editor

Five years ago on Dec, 22, I wrote a thank you letter to everyone that supported us and prayed for my husband Brandon Staats, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in July of 2006. He suffered terribly and almost died from the disease itself and complications following surgery.

He has recovered and I am proud to say that he is alive and doing well. He has some bad days and some good days, but all in all he keeps giving each day a run for its money. Brandon is enjoying life and has learned to not let Crohn’s rule his life. He doesn’t let it stop the spring in his step nor from having a big handsome grin on his face. He sacrificed and suffered so much with this disease but his will to survive and “not go down without a fight” is the biggest reason he’s still with us. Brandon, I am so proud of you. You fought your way back home every single time. I admire your courage and strength.

A few good things have happened to my little family in the past five years. I have since found a new job that I love, my son has moved to Columbus and is enjoying his new career, my daughter is in the fourth grade and very competitive in sports, and I can give my husband a big squeezy hug without hurting him.

It has been quite an experience for us but we pulled through with the help from all of you. Thank you Ohio Valley for being our friends and family. I remember everything you have done for us and I am eternally grateful to all of you.

To those of you we know and don’t know, from my home to yours, I hope this letter reaches you and may God bless you with the gifts of good health and joy this holiday season.


Christy Staats