The CraigsList Killer

Dear Editor,

I read with interest, and anger, the letter written by the alleged 16-year murderer. He stated that “there is no way in hell that God would do that to me,” referring to being in prison until age 42. He complained that “All my meaningful family members would be dead.” Well, BOO-HOO!

No mention is made about the surviving family members of his victims. They will never see their loved ones. If he is convicted, I do agree that he should not stay in prison until age 42, but only long enough to walk the “Long Green Mile’.

Regardless of whether he uses the excuse of insanity, being brainwashed by his ‘mentor’ and partner in crime, drugs, bad childhood, etc., etc., if he is found responsible for premeditated murders, then no sentence is too severe.

An animal is not at fault for contracting rabies, nevertheless, they must be put down to protect others. For those who will take me to task for the comparison, remember that animals do not kill except for survival.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville