Dear Editor

When you go out for dinner at a restaurant or steakhouse, you will be served by someone earning less than half of the minimum wage. They will take your order, then serve you and your party drinks, appetizers, salads, and meals; they will also run back and forth as many times as it takes to make your meal an enjoyable experience.

These servers depend upon your gratuities to earn a living for the personal attention they provided you and the people sitting at your table, booth, or bar. The proper gratuity etiquette for that service is 15 to 20 percent of the pre-taxed bill and if you want to linger at your table on a busy night, you should kick in an additional 10 to 15 percent.

Most restaurants report 8 percent of their “take” as “wait staff income,” so if you tip less than the proper amount, it actually costs the server (etiquettescholar.com ).If you do not want to tip properly, perhaps all would be best “served” if you and your party ate at a fast food establishment where no tip would be expected, nor required.

Thomas Ney