A positive note

Dear Editor,

As I watched “A Christmas Story” over the holiday on our flat screen, I giggled and laughed as always. I have only seen it 50 or so times. Kind of like – “Forest Gump”, always a joy no matter how many times you see it. We seem to be in constant turmoil these days, everywhere in the world. As in Christmas Story, it seems our tire has gone flat, or these foreign countries are like the “Bumpiss” family, constantly causing us grief or someone, somewhere is always picking on us.

Well we haven’t shot our eyes out yet. We can learn to get along with the “Bumpiss” family and that flat tire can surely be fixed without much hassle. The U.S.A. is not Broke, were just temporarily disabled. As Forrest stated…’life is like a box of chocolates… as is politics. We just have to watch who we pick. Even Forrest Gump was just picked by Congress to be placed in the National Archives as one of the most watched movies of our time. Bet you didn’t know that the old woman on the park bench that gave “Forrest” directions to Jenny’s house, was born and raised in Belmont, Ohio. Her name was Nora Dunfee, a wonderful lady to all who knew her. So in closing, through all our trials and tribulations of learning, it doesn’t take a genius to fix what is wrong in our lives. You gather your senses, work together somehow and continue to prosper.

Lieutenant Dan made his peace with GOD and everything else fell into place. I know we are intelligent enough to fix our issues without having to run all over the country to figure it out.

God Bless.

Richard A. Lucas