On. Nov. 19, 2011 a spaghetti dinner, cookie/bake sale and Chinese auction were held for Codey St. John at Hillcrest Christian Gathering Church in Bellaire.

Family, friends and individual donors all came together to make it possible.

Although Codey could not be there with us because he was too sick, it turned out to be a great success for him. Codey is a 12-year-old boy from Bellaire.

On March 6, 2006 he was diagnosed with a stage 4 neuroblastoma — a child cancer with very low survival rate.

The benefit was held to help the St. John family offset some of the costs incurred during Codey’s battle with cancer. Codey and his family have been fighting this battle with cancer for almost six years.

During this time, he has been back and forth to a New York City hospital every three months since his diagnosis. The battle against him has been long, but he is fighting to be clean of neuroblastoma.

On Aug. 13, 2010, doctors confirmed that the cancer had returned. Codey had relapsed.

On June 15, 2011, he became really sick and had to be rushed into the operating room to undergo a bowel resection in order to save his life. Codey is still suffering from radiation issues and has spent months in the hospital.

Codey was getting very sad and depressed at being an inpatient, so the decision was made to bring him home. He is still very sick and needs 24 hour a day care. He has a “G” tube that removes bile from his stomach and he is getting nutrition through an IV tube as well as IV antibiotics, fluids and many other prescriptions. He has been unable to have solid foods. Codey’s cancer is rare for the doctors and many options are being discussed as to what treatments may or may not be in Codey’s best interest. They do not have any other kids in any type of situation similar to his, but have considered hyperbaric to help his intestines work and possibly ease some pain.

They suggested Codey be taken to Boston Children’s Hospital where there is more to offer a radiation-induced intestinal failure.

As you can imagine, all of this has taken a major toll on the family. So, at this time we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for stepping up to the plate and helping him with this fundraiser. The money will definitely help to get Codey to Boston.

We would like to thank Hillcrest Christian Gathering for the use of its church to hold the benefit. Gattos in Bellaire for donating the spaghetti and a great price for the supplies. Jimmy DiFabrizio, Sam Daccione, Denny Beltrondo, Hurk Sparachane and Belmont Savings Bank for the financial backing to purchase the supplies. Also, Gulla’s Lunch for the donation of canned pop and auction gift certificate.

Our kitchen and dining room help was Pamela Eden, Jennifer Garrison, Jon Garrison, Jeanie Shreve, John Burkhart, Jeanie Garrison, Frances Donahue, Buzz Donahue, Pete Garrison, Paula St. John, Danielle Shreve, Lisa Donahue, Nikki and Eric Duncan, MeHee Donahue, Linda Donahue, Mike Donahue, Jack Donahue, Linda Donahue, Betty Cope, Jamie Baker, Andrea Dolengowski and Adam Gill.

T-shirt sales were made possible by Patty Kaldor, Haley and Courtney Ault.

The cookies for Codey bake sale help was Kim and Eliana Mason and Mary Jo Delbert.

The bake sale would not have been possible without all the donations. Thank you everyone who donated cookies, cakes and candles. You truly went over and above.

Thank you Eliana Mason for your lemonade stand. Also we had more than a dozen beautiful items donated to the Chinese auction. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Karen Probst for holding a pancake breakfast and donating the money for Codey’s benefit.

We would like to thank everyone who helped in one way or another, including Kayla Warner, Lori Guthrie, Cookie Pops, Mary Goral, Jim and Kay Childers, Chick Cicogna, Jack FM, Kim and Galu Fincher, Trudy and David Barr, Dr. Dan Fijalkowski, Judy Fellows, Daniel and Brenda Rinkes, Paul and Ruth Marty, Tom and Jenni Pie, Cindy Weber, Kristen Elder, Good Tymes, The Roosevelt, Myrtle Beach Tanning, Emma’s Attic, Spirit of 76 Fire Department, Ken and Jeanie Timko and all the anonymous donors. Most importantly our thanks go out to everyone who came to support Codey.

God bless all of you.

If you are interested in keeping up with Codey’s progress, visit T-shirts designed by Codey’s friend Haley Ault are still on sale. Call Pam at 740-676-0600 if interested in purchasing one to help Codey’s cause.

Please keep Codey and his family in your prayers because Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone.

Thank you,

Pamela Eden

Jennifer Garrison