So, Ohio Valley residents, how do you like your latest electric bill? Oh, and did you notice, the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent changes in emission standards puts the closing of AEP’s Kammer Plant right in the cross-hairs of a $6 million emissions compliance plan? That ought to drop rates, right?

Now, if we are really lucky, we may once again be treated to a game of biomass charades. You remember, like the spring of 2010, when it was reported that industry leaders, politicians and union bosses were getting together to save the R.E. Burger Plant in Shadyside with renewable energy. Ahh, the false hope of Biomass…. about as practical a vision as throwing $535 million of stimulus money at Solyndra to develop solar panels, or goading General Motors (too big to fail) into creating the Chevy Volt (which many industry executives now describe as, “A Car For Idiots”). Let the insane, biomass games begin!

Here’s a thought. I wonder if anyone in a position of authority has noticed any of the recent news releases about the Marcellus and Utica Shale deposits? Seems strange that there are no discussions about gas-fired conversions even though we are sitting in the midst of gigantic natural gas, and oil plays? Sounds like a logical source of power generating fuels, right?

Of course not, that same group of EPA bureaucrats, unions bosses and government looters are already lining up to interfere with the development of the shale plays before any meaningful amount of energy flows. And, as a matter of course, we have the outright lies of the environmentalist wacko movement blaming hydraulic fracturing for everything from earthquakes to varicose veins

The truth is that this nation’s financial salvation rests with energy and the restoration of heavy industry. We in the valley have all of the key elements glaringly in place. But, instead of advocating the use of coal, gas, and oil, we watch political buffoons conduct ridiculous debates about outlawing incandescent light bulbs.

All this, while they sit idle and let the Federal Reserve’s, Helicopter-Ben Bernanke create money to save the Eurozone which further enslaves future generations of American citizens with a debt that’s impossible to pay down.

Thomas Jefferson said it best, “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Permit me to ask, on whose behalf does our government now take action? Who benefits from regulations that kill jobs and oppose our abundant energy sources? Given the choice between a good jobs and reliable energy or, pristine air and poverty, most reasonable people would choose the former. Why is our government insisting on the latter?

Brett Merryman