Dear Editor,

The 2012 Primary Election campaign is in full swing.

The Republican Party (Tea Party) is in the process of selecting their candidate to challenge President Obama in November.

We are now being exposed to the Republic philosophy, which in the previous elections, President Reagan’s, 11th commandant applied, i:e: one Republican does not speak badly about another Republican.

Newt Gingrich, in 1994, proposed the contract with America, which was kept secret until after they were elected. He engineered a government shutdown which backfired. He had ethic problems which cost him his speaker job. While pursuing the impeachment of President Clinton, he was guilty of the same morality problem. Those who say that was in the past and should not be considered, are ignoring the fact, he is in his third marriage. Does the conservative evangelical Christians want a president with such a morality characteristic.

Mitt Romney, a multi-millionaire, is a firm believer of the trickle down theory which has been proven a failed theory. The upper one percent should not be taxed or regulated so they can create jobs. He also believes they should be allowed to create jobs where they will get a greater return on their investment, that is overseas.

The Republicans, when Bush and Cheney were running up deficits, they did not consider deficits to be a problem. When President Obama took office they became a major problem.

The Republican Party made it no secret that they were out to make President Obama a failure. They would not allow any of his agenda to be enacted. They did not approve his appointees.

If you are a single issue voter or biased on race or less fortunate, you will be a partner to elimination of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other safety nets.

Alfred Tellitocci