Grassroots campaign

Dear Editor,

As a result of the absurd “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling, corporations and billionaires can spend unlimited sums of money without disclosure, in political campaigns. And that is exactly what they are doing.

Karl Roves’ American Crossroads has pledged at least $240 million dollars in the 2012 election. The extreme right wing, Koch Brothers, may be spending even more. The goal of the top one-percent is simple. They will spend whatever it takes to elect candidates who support a right wing union busting anti-worker agenda. They will spend as much as it takes, to defeat candidates who are fighting for working families.

Our strategy must be equally simple. We must do everything we can to support candidates in 2012 that are fighting for the working class and the values we believe in.

In order for Democrats to win in 2012, we need to do what Democrats do best; a grassroots campaign.

We need to go door to door, talking to voters. We need to write letters to our newspapers. Set up information booths. We need to raise money from many small donors. We need to organize demonstrations. We need to hold “get out to vote” activities, reminding people to vote and transport them to polling places.

Most of all we need to get the word out to everyone we know to support candidates who support working families. Candidates like President Obama, Charlie Wilson who is running for U.S. Congress, Jim Drake who is running for state representative of Ohio’s 95th District, Jack Cera who is running for State Representative of Ohio’s 96th District and Mark Hanni who is running for Ohio’s 7th District Court of Appeals.

It won’t be easy but I believe that through hard work and extensive voter contact, we can overcome even the largest flood of COP and corporate cash. And get the American Dream back for American workers.


Ben Lofton