Miracle of Lightning

Dear Editor,

I was recently in charge of taking a small kitten, Lightning, from the Belmont County Animal Shelter to the Barnesville Vet Service. Before he arrived at the shelter, something had taken off his back foot. It was not healing and he was in a lot of pain. Dr. Christina Stephen agreed with Verna, the shelter supervisor, that it had to be amputated.

I prayed that the operation would be a success. I knew even if all went well, it would be very difficult to find Lightning a good home. Dr. Christina knew I was very concerned and informed me that evening that he was a brave little boy and all went well.

I continued to say prayers the next morning as I went to pick up Lightning and return him to the shelter. When I walked into the vet office, a lady was waiting for me. While bringing another cat to the vet, she noticed Lightning. She fell in love with him. She not only adopted him, but she paid his entire amputation fee! What a wonderful Christmas gift.

Lightning has a little brother, Sunny, at the shelter. He was very ill, but after a few days at New Horizon Animal Hospital, he is recovering. Sunny is orange and is about 10-12 weeks old. He also needs a forever home. If you are the person who can adopt Sunny, please visit the B.C. Shelter or call 740 695-4708. They have limited hours, because of being overcrowded, but Sunny will soon be on the website at www.bcarl.org.


Candace Fleagane