Payroll Tax Cut

Dear Editor,

…job creation? Where are the jobs? Has anybody noticed that we no longer seem to be hearing the old familiar argument that illegal aliens are just taking jobs that Americans won’t do?

Wait a second. The all new “porky pig stimulus” President Obama got to provide and save jobs – was directly tied to keep the unemployment rate below eight percent.

…saving jobs? The economy has been a nightmare.

Just days before Christmas, the Senate Democrats taught that old “payroll tax cut” a 60 day lesson – leaving the Republicans scratching their heads.

The House Republicans are not the enemy. They are the opposition. The enemy is the Senate.

A long time ago it was a veteran House Democrat to repeat this bit of folk wisdom.

But mainly, the tax cut debate could come back and bite the president.

Under the GOP – written provision Obama signed into law just before Christmas as a part of the tax bill, the president must decide whether the Keystone XL oil pipeline is in the national interest.

With free flowing oil in jeopardy – the president could be facing the gas pump conundrum.

Former President Jimmy Carter was faced with the gas station conundrum – in the form of long lines at the pumps.

Little did he know he would be toast on election day.

In the end, one thing is certain: the election will not be decided running against Bush.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville