Roe vs. Wade


In the nearly four decades since Roe vs. Wade, abortion will never be settled law. With ultrasound, it is difficult to deny that abortion is morally wrong when we can see the murder of an innocent human being. Still, there will be some to perceive it as a necessary evil.

With progressive left-wing White House efforts to expand and fortify the culture of death, we must have the moral integrity and courage to face this political pressure by following our consciences and refuse cooperation with immorality passing itself off as medicine.

Science and faith will both lead mankind to the truth, which is infinite and beautiful. We must not fall into despair and hopelessness that abortion will never end. We must pray for those who are involved in the abortion industry that they will receive insight into the truth and that their lives will be changed by something unexpected.


Alex Kosky

Pro-Life Chairman

Knights of Columbus, Council 1246