Government Failure

Dear Editor

The approval of Congress is now at an all-time low of 11%, and if anyone is watching the way they are operating it is a well deserved rating.

It has been more than 1,000 days since they approved a budget, [their main reason for employment by we the American people] It should be no budget, no paycheck for them. They get paid for a full year of service yet they only worked 150 days last year. While in session Congress did agree to the so called “Budget Control Act” which “added” more than $2 trillion more to a staggering debt which is now more than $15 trillion. [They say $1 trillion is equivalent to stacking $100 dollar bills seven feet high and filling 7 entire football fields] So now we “OWE” 105 football fields of $100 dollar bills and they have the nerve and audacity to ask for more, without any suggestions or plan on reducing this massive deficit. The Control Act did slash the budget of the General Accounting Office, the only agency that identifies hundreds of billions in budget savings by alerting Congress to their waste abuse and duplicity and total stupidity of the way they are spending our hard earned tax dollars.

Until they get our deficit under control there should be no grants, no pork, and no more wasteful spending on their projects unless it involves national security. I ask you to look at Sen. Tom Coburns Wastebook 2011. It shows only 100 of these “needed” projects that they feel we need borrowed money on, this just shows how out of touch with reality these elite people are. When you read this I’m sure your rating of congress will be much less than 11% It is both parties, but the Democrats have had control for over four of the last five years, and the deficit has grown by $5 trillion, how did all their spending to save jobs really work out, they could have retired half of the entire workforce in America and unemployment would now be zero, if everyone took a job if offered.

It’s long overdue that these elite politicians be held accountable for their inept stupidity, they need to be forced to abide by the same rules that the rest of us have to live by, no money-no spending…We have always wondered how these politicians can spend their entire careers in politics, like Harry Reid who has never held a real job,”earning” a salary that used to be just above middle income, become millionaires while in office. The answer was somewhat revealed when their insider trading scheme was exposed recently, which by the way was legal because of the laws they passed covering it. Martha Stewart goes to prison, they get richer. The chances of them investigating themselves is about as good as Eric Holder investigating his FAST and FURIOUS debacle which resulted in the death of one of our border control agents while prosecuting and convicting another agent for wounding an illegal alien drug smuggler on american soil. It has been almost 1 year since investigators have asked for information on this program and Mr. Holder’s administration refuses to give them the needed documents. Why do we let this happen? There has to be a way that WE THE PEOPLE can get a ballot initiative that forces these politicians to stop their lying and stealing and do only the work they were elected to do. We are now at a tipping point with over 40% of Americans [not counting the illegals] receiving some sort of government assistance and almost 50% of americans and 0% illegals paying no federal income tax.

Are we stupid enough to think that these people are going to vote against the politicians giving them these benefits, or vote for someone who is going to force them to do the jobs that illegals are doing? With an unemployment number around 16% there should never be an illegal working in this country. We are paying people not to work because the jobs are beneath them, if it came down to living or dying, I really believe these people will choose work. We cannot afford to keep going like this. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to wake up and take a stand against our own government that is bankrupting our country and destroying it for our children and grandchildren. It is time for another tea party.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

Dwain Knight