Make My?Day

Dear Editor

Recently read an amazing piece of fiction authored by a letter to editor writer in your paper. He managed to include every Democrat platitude, myth and falsehood.

Here are facts The Contract With America was so well explained it led to the first Republican majority elected to congress in decades. This made Speaker Gingrich hated by the left and they set out to destroy him. He was eventually cleared of every charge leveled against him. Democrat David Bonior however was reprimanded for filing an excessive amount of complaints he knew to be false. The Speaker agreed to reimburse 300,000 of taxpayer money spent investigating these false charges, a shame democrats don’t have a problem spending other peoples money.

President William Clinton was impeached for lying to a federal grand jury. The crime of perjury is taken seriously in our court system. His sex life had no role in his impeachment.

Gov. Romney is rich, check the net worth of congressmen and senators quite a number of rich Democrats. Should we jail them all for daring to be rich?

Yes there was a deficit under President Bush nearly a trillion and a half in eight years. President Obama has a deficit nearly a trillion and a half every year. See any difference here?

The Republicans obstructed President Obama’s agenda? Since the Democrats had a super majority in the House and Senate for 4 years don’t see how republicans blocked anything. You understand that super majority means that any filibuster tried could be quickly ended by Democrats voting together.

End Medicare and Medicaid? The Democrat super majority took half a billion out of Medicaid even as it’s projected to go broke in a few years. Been hearing about the end of SS when I was young and my Father said it would be broke before he ever collected anything. Now a depleted SS Trust Fund is being damaged more by Democrats payroll tax cut. If you make 50K you save 1K. Problem is here in the Ohio Valley lot of people making 25k saving about $400 a year. Then again it’s only two months not the year Republicans tried to pass.

You referenced the government shut down years ago, I remember that every government worker received full pay, kind of like paid time off.

Really upsets me to be one of the 53 percent of Americans paying taxes to employ non-essential personnel. If it wasn’t for them maybe the federal government would not have time to regulate the toilet in my bath room, the shower head in my bath and since the beginning of the year I have to worry about the D.O.E. Swat team swarming my house to check my light bulbs.

A do nothing Congress!! Please make my day.

Bill Reasbeck