Obama Will?Win

Dear Editor,

President Obama and Mitt Romney have both taken up singing their message to the American people. One of them is going to get the gong.

Actually, Barack Obama has the better, softer, appealing voice, and he is the smarter of the two. He will win in November.

The news tells us we are looking at a possible attack from Iran on our soil. That takes precedence over everything else at the moment. That is another reason we need to give President Obama a second term. He has several accomplishments to his credit.

The economy is also at stake. If Romney wins, he will take it out on the back of the American people. That is how he has made his money. He is a wealthy man. You are not in his best interests. Just today on the news he said, and I quote, “I am not concerned about the very poor.” Can you imagine how that is going to play in the election? Not too smart.

Your Social Security will be the first thing to go. It is called privatizing – the favorite subject of the Republicans.

And let us not forget John Kasich. Never reach down and kiss a snake – it will bite you get you every time.

Thank You.

Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry