Concerned Resident

Dear Editor,

As a concerned citizen and village resident, I want to give my opinion as to how the new village council is working out for all of our residents.

First of all, when I have attended village council meetings, I feel that the mayor should be respected and not talked down to. He is constantly being interrupted.

The people who elected Mr. David Smith should start coming to council meetings every month and watch his actions. Mr. Smith was elected by our village residents to work with our mayor and his office and I feel that Mr. Lenz, Mrs. Lyle and Mr. Husarik are coercing with Mr. Smith in trying to change everything that has been done through his office. Mr. Smith is a bully and the other three council people listed above follow his lead. I believe that if Mr. Smith was out of office that the mayor could work with the rest of the council and could work together for the benefit of the village.

I will repeat that the citizens who elected Mr. Smith, should come to every meeting of council.

Also, Mr. Lenz, approached me after a village council meeting sometime last year in the village municipal hallway and stated, “You don’t know how the village is being run and that you don’t understand. There are two sets of books in the mayor’s office.” I stopped him and told him, “Then you need to take this to the chief of police and that he would in turn take it to the prosecuting attorney and have it investigated. If you have proof, that’s exactly what I would do.” And when the mayor retires or quits – let’s see how the village is run without the use of all his equipment (free of charge except for material) as he has been doing most of the repair work himself.

And as far as the firing of the Village Solicitor (Mr. Myser), I will never understand your campaign slogan, “Bring Bridgeport Back.” When you let a village attorney go and hired an attorney from St. Clairsville, Mr. Mark Thomas. This should have been open for discussion and possibly bid out for other attorneys in our area. As we know that, you only contacted Mr. Mark Thomas.

Remember the citizens who attended the February meeting specifically asked the question about opening this up for bids; but, were flatly denied by Mr. Smith and two other council members, Mr. Husarik and Mrs. Lyle.

Carol Goodwin