Dear Editor,

First, let me explain, I am not angry or upset. I am only concerned about how our federal officials can be so blind to freedom issues. The feds are trying to force tobacco industry officials to place graphic images on their cigarette packages.

A federal judge, thank God for his intelligence, people has struck the law down due to freedom of speech. I fully understand what tobacco does to people’s health. It is sad when people are so hooked on nicotine that they can’t quit due to its addictive nature, but my point is, how does the LAW apply here? Tobacco use is a choice. Its not immoral or evil to smoke or chew tobacco. I use to smoke and quit, thank you, but it was my choice. When people sue over tobacco related issues, no one is at fault except for the user. It is a choice.

When are they going to place graphic images on 12 packs of beer, showing a whole family or teenage driver, killed by a drunk driver, I have never seen a family wiped out by a person smoking a cigarette.

The old excuse is – we tried prohibition and it didn’t work. This isn’t about stopping beer sales or booze of anykind, its all about being treated fairly with no judgment to freedom of choice.

The feds cannot be biased in anyway when freedom is involved. How about we put graphic images on soda pop, showing obese children or graphic images on sugar packages? The feds need to get off the back of tobacco industry officials. If people Choose to destroy their health, our bill of rights says they can, if they Choose. Common sense goes a long way.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. People jump off cliffs with parachutes. People drive 170 miles an hour at Daytona. People volunteer for the military knowing they may be put in harms way. It is a choice.

If the feds crack down on one, they need to choose to crack down on all. Unless its immoral or evil, leave people alone to choose.

God Bless America.

Richard A. Lucas