Fire Thanks

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fire departments who saved my house from being burned down.

The fire next door to me on Feb. 29, at 2 a.m., was completely destroyed, only the structure is still standing.

I had mostly smoke damage and one side of my siding is being replaced. My insurance company cleaned my house from all the smoke. The houses are very old and very close together. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for saving the house.

I didn’t know the house was on fire – blazing, until a fireman knocked on my door and told me – “get your shoes and coat on – your house could go anytime.”

Also, I have to thank three police officers: Bill Shallcross, Greg Harris and J.J. Shane. I have three cats and couldn’t find them and the officers wouldn’t leave. They used flashlights in the dark. Smoke filled the house trying to find them. We finally had to leave, so we left a door wide open, thinking they had a chance to escape. When most of the flames were extinguished, my daughter and son and I went back in the house and was looking for them. By the “Grace of God” they survived all the smoke. These cats are my companions.

Thanks to the firemen who really worked on the fire and thank you to the police officers who obviously are animal lovers. Thank you Carol O’Branovich who saw the flames and called the fire in.

Rose Clark and Family