George Diab

Dear Editor,

As it has recently been announced that March 15, 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of Mr. George Diab serving in the position of Manager/Property Manager of the Ohio Valley Mall. I would like to extend congratulatory wishes to Mr. Diab for a job well done.

The Ohio Valley Mall has proved to be a tremendous asset to Belmont County in a myriad of ways, not the least of which economically, since it opened for business in October of 1978.

The Cafarro Company, who owns and operates the Ohio Valley Mall, has had and continues to have an extremely positive impact on Belmont County during its previous nearly three and a half decades, and with recent announcements regarding planned upgrades, the Mall, without question, will continue to greatly enhance the financial status and image of Belmont County for decades to come.

Mr. Diab, in his position of leadership at the Ohio Valley Mall, is, I feel greatly responsible for the long-time positive image and continuing success of the mall.

In conclusion, I would like also to thank Mr. Diab and his very capable staff for helping make the Ohio Valley Mall such a positive and desirable destination and experience for these many years, and to the Cafarro Company for their outstanding investment and continued faith in Belmont County.

I simply cannot imagine Belmont County without the Ohio Valley Mall and I wish those so involved much continued success for many more years to come.

Thank you.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry