Military Insurance

Dear Editor,

Why is it our men and women that serve in the military are not provided health insurance upon discharge?

VA pays for any service related injuries or illnesses but what about all the other services or medication that may be needed? What about family members of these service men and women? Where is the helping hand to these individuals that served our Country?

These individuals are expected to purchase health insurance coverage when they return home. With what? The minimum income they receive and no jobs to go to.

Why are they not given the same respect as illegal aliens or others that do not pay taxes? Free health care coverage, cell phones, food and housing subsidies, clothing vouchers, transportation services, recreational vouchers…!!!

What about Healthcare Reform? It’s o.k. to mandate that over the counter aspirin can be covered but no consideration was given to the military? In these unsettling times? What were our “Leaders” thinking?

It is very sad that we have tax dollars to provide for individuals that are not American citizens, or for those American citizens that continually rape the public assistance programs; but, no helping hands for those men and women that serve in our military.

Shame on us.

Larai Doughty


Evelyn Peppler