Dear Editor,

Rush Limbaugh deserves anything he gets. To take a line from the movie, “Grumpier Old Men”, Walter Matthau says, “What a putz!”

It is no accident that he is a Republican. They revel in that kind of talk. Look at the campaign they have been raging against each other. Preisdent Obama steps up to the mic and says, “Thank you very much!”

We have a good president we need to keep him four more years. He and Michelle are a team. He is very smart and she compliments that side of him. She is interested in your children’s diet and their welfare. She stands out when she visits another country. It’s call class – something the Republicans don’t have. Neither one of them have a mean disposition. That is a rare quality in a president. You can be proud they are serving your country.

Don’t get caught up in the euphoria that goes along with an election. There is no silver bullet..What we do have is three months of job growth which is a strong sign of economic recovery.

We have a president that will take us through. Vote for him.


Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry