Abandoned Pets

Dear Editor,

This is for whoever allowed their dog to run free or abandoned him at the north end of Bellaire.

My husband is employed at a coal loading dock in the Industrial Park at the north end of town. About three or four months ago, a dog showed up at the facility very malnourished, almost all of the workers would give him food from their lunches, but a lot of the workers brought dog food when they noticed that he was scavaging or catching whatever he could to eat.

At first this dog wouldn’t let anyone to get close to him, but eventually he allowed a few workers to pet him and toss a ball with him. He liked to play tug of war with any old rag that you had. One worker brought in medicine to de-worm him, another brought in flea medicine (not the cheap kind) so that he wasn’t infested when it got warm. The dog would sometimes sit on top of a coal pile and watch the loader operators work in the evening, he would follow my husband when he ran the water truck. My husband tried to get him to ride in the truck with him to avoid getting run over but he just wasn’t that trusting yet.

One day the inevitable happened, one of the workers said that the dog was hit by a coal truck and was dead. Most of the workers were upset and the mood in the yard was different for a few days. My husband and another worker got him out of the road and took him to his favorite spot where he would sit and sun himself. That’s where they buried him with his ball and his old rag. Those few months were probably the best months of his short life. He died around people who cared for him and made sure he was well fed.

Whoever you are who abandoned him, you should be ashamed of yourself. I thought you might want to know what happened to your abandoned pet.

Suzan Nixon