Bill Johnson

Dear Editor

Bill Johnson doesn’t support senior citizens. He tries to deceive them.

In December 2011, a little known group, Retirsafe, honored 20 House Republicans for supporting senior citizens, according to Roll Call, the Capitol Hill publication. Bill Johnson was one of the 20. Though described as a nonpartisan senior citizen advocacy group, it was set up by former officials of the Ronald Reagen and George W. Bush administrations and pharmaceutical lobbyists and consultants, according to Roll Call.

This award was “cover” after Johnson voted for the first Paul Ryan budget that would do away with medicare and social security.

The insurance and pharmaceutical industries and their lobbyists have had their eyes on taking over Medicare and Social Security for a long time. It’s the cash cow of their dreams. That’s why they have spent millions supporting Republicans in Congress. If the Ryan plan would pass they’d get their wish and what they have paid for.

Bill Johnson has voted for the new Ryan budget which does the same to medicare and social security as his first one did. Less than a week after giving a robocall saying how he would do all he could to save and protect medicare and Social Security he sold out seniors and future seniors, again.

You’d better believe benefits and coverage will cost more and be less coverage if these vital programs become privatized.

We need to elect Charlie Wilson and more Democrats to Congress and the Senate who care for the middle class’s future and senior citizens

Britt Johnson