Dear Editor,

A huge disservice has occurred to anyone connected with, supported, or utilized J B Green Team.

The J B Green Team has lost the best person they could have appointed to this job. This should have been such an easy decision. Mark McVey should have had the job by unanimous vote on the first ballot. No executive session needed. Very few people, if any, has worked harder for betterment of the J B Green Team, Tri-County area and the Democratic Party. Mark also serves as mayor of our town, Powhatan Point and I am proud that he represents us. For J B Green Team to offer Mark such a ridiculous contract was nothing short of a slap in the face. This not only affected Mark, but also all the supporters of the J B Green Team.

If the J B Green Team one day needs the support of Belmont County; I, for one, will not respond. There are several that have expressed the same feelings.

Let’s not forget that the J B Green Team not only lost Mark McVey but also Ginny Favede. When Mrs. Favede resigned, it showed how bad things were on the “team.”

Jim DeLongo

Powhatan Point