Free Training

Dear Editor,

I read ta letter that was printed in a recent issue of the local newspaper. The writer said he had read several articles in the paper about the start of a six-week pipefitter training school in the city of Wheeling.

He also stated that the newspaper seems unaware or wishes to ignore the fact that Wheeling “already has” a pipefitter school, that he himself attended 50 years ago on a G.I. bill.

That information tells me the school he attended cost money to attend, as he used his G.I. bill to pay for it.

I am writing to inform readers that this new pipefitter training is “Free.”

Not everyone can afford classes or has a G.I. bill to pay for it.

This six-weeks of “free” training is a good deal.

I am for all these classes that are available to people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend.

I am sure it will help a lot of families.

Lisa Workman