Dear Editor,

I’ve read several articles in your paper about the start of a pipefitter school in the City of Wheeling, which will last six weeks. The paper seems to be unaware of, or wishes to ignore, the fact there is already a State of the Art Pipefitter school in the City of Wheeling. It has been training pipefitters for the last 100 years. I, myself, attended this school on the GI bill, almost 50 years ago.

It qualified me to work as a pipefitter not only here in the Ohio Valley, but all over the Northeastern part of the country, and I performed it rather well.

The school not only trains pipefitters, it trains well qualified pipefitters, who can perform in all facets of the industry today.

Today, I stand as a proud retired member of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #83, Wheeling, W. Va.


James G. Snider