Roger Myers Sr.

Dear Editor

Many people in the Ohio Valley knew Roger Myers, Sr. of Bellaire. They knew him as a friend, father, grandfather, brother, and son.

Roger passed away on Friday, leaving behind many broken hearts. One particular broken heart is his youngest son, Isaak, who is 10 years old. Isaak lost his mother Renee in 2009. At this time, Roger pulled through and continued to raise Isaak the best he knew. Isaak showed so much courage the day his dad had a heart attack, performing CPR and calling 911. It was because of Isaak, we were given 4 more days with Roger.

The ICU staff at Wheeling Hospital were absolutely wonderful. They shared in our grief and gave us our much needed time with Roger. A very special nurse also spoke directly to Isaak, making him understand what was going on with his dad. I cannot thank these people enough.

I also want to commend the Bellaire/Neffs E-squad for its timely response getting to Roger’s house. You also bought us more time.

In the coming days ahead, we will face good days and bad, but at this time, we must go on with only good memories in our hearts.

Isaak has a large family that loves him and wonderful teachers at school, but it still doesn’t take away all that this child has gone through.

There are a few morals to this story though. 1.) Teach your children survival skills for others, such as CPR and calling 911. It is never too early to sit down and explain to them the importance of responding when something is not right. 2.) Embrace your loved ones. We all fight and bicker at one another from time to time, but when it gets ugly, the ones who have your back are your family. Don’t take advantage of the blessings you have right in front of you. They may not be there tomorrow.

Glenda Myers