Dear Editor:

The fact that Bill Johnson is attempting to take credit for the recent oil and natural gas discoveries is laughable. It must be campaign season again because Johnson is taking credit where none is due. In reality Johnson has done everything to take jobs away from this district not create them. Look at how Johnson recently voted in support of house resolution 3078, a bill that would created a trade agreement with Panama, Columbia and South Korea. Last time I checked none of these countries were in the sixth district, but what is in the sixth district are many steel manufacturing plants that have paid the price for trade votes such as this.

Voting the right way on trade policies is important to this area. You would think Bill Johnson knows this, but his votes say otherwise.

Never the less, Bill will stand up and take credit for the recent oil and natural gas findings because it is campaign season again.

Watch out coach Meyer, if you have a good year Bill will take credit for that too!


Frank Shaffer



Dear Editor,

Rep. Bill Johnson (R) of Ohio’s 6th, Congressional District was elected on the platform that he was “new” and “fresh” and that he could bring much needed change to Washington. Unfortunately for the working class in the Ohio Valley, what we got was the same kind of corporate puppet that has always been the Republican Party.

Bill Johnson claimed he was going to create American jobs, but he did the opposite. Johnson served as Chief Information Officer of Stoneridge Inc., a company who closed a manufacturing facility of one of its subsidiaries named Hi Stat in Florida and moved manufacturing operations to China and other countries where they can freely exploit workers. The facility closing meant 300 American jobs went overseas. On top of that Johnson’s company deferred payment on income earned overseas, a tax break for outsourcing American jobs.

Johnson supports the Ryan Budget, which will end Medicare as we know it. He also supports privatizing Social Security.

When 1.4 million American jobs were at stake in the U.S. auto industry, Johnson compared the bailout to the Jamestown Colony of the 17th century and called the bailout “socialistic.”

Johnson said it was necessary to cut the Community Development Block Grants. He said, “We all want to see Steubenville receive the CDBG funds. But where is that money coming from?”

He said, America is broke, and we all need to sacrifice.” Really, then why did he vote to reject the “Buffet Rule”, it seems to Bill that only the poor and middle class have to sacrifice, not his rich corporate puppet masters.

When it came to Democrats and Republicans working together for the better of the country, Bill Johnson said he had to “hold his nose” to vote bipartisan.

What we need is change, what we got from Bill Johnson was the same old failed policies of the Republican Party, don’t tax the rich or corporations, cut social programs, send American jobs overseas, and if you and your poor family starve, it’s your problem.

That is why I am voting for Charlie Wilson. He understands that the Ohio Valley needs jobs, not only does he care, but it makes good business sense. If Ohio Valley residents have no jobs or money, who would patronize his businesses?

Charlie Wilson is pro-life and supports gun rights; in fact in 2010 the NRA gave Wilson a grade of A+. He also supported providing low interest loans and tax credits for new and expanding businesses.

If you live in Ohio’s 6th Congressional District and the last 30 years have been fantastic, to you because of companies shipping jobs overseas; and, you support the working class paying a higher tax rate than corporations and the top 1 percent, if income inequality has worked out well for you, then Bill Johnson is you man. But if things have been hard for you and your family and you think we need to re-establish America’s and the Ohio Valley’s manufacturing base. If you think the working class has been thrown under the bus, I can’t imagine a vote for anyone but Charlie Wilson for Congress.


Ben Lofton