bin Laden

Dear Editor,

Should President Obama use Osama bin Laden’s death on the campaign trail? Is that a question? Wasn’t he on the “most wanted” list for about 10 years? Isn’t there a race going on for the next presidential election in 2012?

Everything is fair in love and war. He didn’t say he pulled the trigger, and this isn’t a big secret.

The Republican party should get busy with what they are going to run on. They haven’t even selected a Vice President yet.

They are not getting off to a good start. While they are sitting around crying over bin Laden, Hillary Clinton is getting ready for the 2016 and Bill Clinton is out there pushing for Obama. it’s a cruel world.

The Washington Post says Congress is dysfunctional and the Republicans are to blame. That’s why it is so hard to get anything done. You have a good president. He is trying. Keep him for four more years.

Thank you.

Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry