Economic Deception

Dear Editor,

If one would be primarily influenced by the seemingly and nauseam verbal assault of the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats by Republicans/Conservative pundits and law-makers, it would appear that President Obama and the Democrats are solely responsible for our current state of economic distress, when in actuality our nation’s fiscal crisis was inherited by President Obama and his democratic allies form his predecessor Republican George W. Bush and Congressional conservatives.

The Republican’s proposed solution to rectify our sluggish economy, which is based on the implementation of severe governmental fiscal austerity programs, simply does not work, as evidenced by such measures taken in an attempt to revitalize struggling economics in nations such as Great Britain, France, Greece, Spain, and throughout much of Europe and the world have failed miserably and are now being rejected by the aforementioned government.

Most economists agree that during an economic recession the economy must be stimulated with increased spending and deficits are best to be addressed at a point when the economy has sufficiently recovered, as per Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s successful approach to ending our nation’s Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Have we not learned this most important history lesson?

For the record, despite Republican obstructionism, approximately 500,000 United States manufacturing jobs along, have been added during the previous two years under President Obama, whereas over 1.5 such jobs were lost under Republican President, George W. Bush.

Whereas, President Bush was the only president in our history to have experienced an overall job loss during his tenure in the White House. President Obama has overseen private sector job growth for the previous 26 months.

What also to me is quite alarming is that much of the state economic philosophies of Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, appears to be reminiscent of those of George W. Bush.

We, as a nation, need to continue to move forward and not return to the already failed politics of the past.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry