Hall of Honor

Although the 2012 Martins Ferry Hall of Honor Induction ceremony successfully concluded on Sunday, April 22, the committee would like to inform and/or remind the public as to the continued visibility of the Hall in the area.

As a result, the committee would like all to be aware that a display honoring the 2012 inductees into the Martins Ferry Hall of Honor is presently being featured at the offices of the Belmont County Tourism Council which is located at the Ohio Valley Mall throughout the month of May.

The sign identifying the names of all Martins Ferry Hall of Honor inductees has been relocated to the area of the Martins Ferry City Building on the corner of 5th and Walnut streets and now rests under the American Flag, complements of Mayor Paul Riethmiller and the City of Martins Ferry.

Plaques of all Hall of Honor inductees from its inception in 2008 through the present are located in the auditorium of the Martins Ferry Public Library and are available for viewing during the library’s daily hours of operation.

The Martins Ferry Hall of Honor was founded by former Martins Ferry Mayor Leslie A. Douglas. He also serves a member of the committee which he founded.

There is absolutely no charge for the viewing of any of the aforementioned displays and/or items. Please view and enjoy.

The Citizens Bank is the sponsor of all Martins Ferry Hall of Honor activities.

Thank You.

Respectfully submitted by,

Richard Hord,


Martins Ferry Hall

of Honor Committee