Letter Rebuttal

Dear Editor,

This is a rebuttal to the scenario described in the letter to the editor on April 23 pertaining to the Obama administration.

Not true. Just repetitive. Try another source for material.

But in the same vein as the gentleman’s letter I will admonish Mr. Obama for not putting single payer health care up for a vote, and not prosecuting the Wall Street banksters to name just two. Also, if I may.. I hope Mr. Robert Murray, the local coal baron, does not keep repeating his favorite phrase ‘Obama’s War on Coal’.

It sounds silly to those of us sympathetic and/or related to miners. It’s as disingenuous as though I were to ask Mr. Murray if he and his employees use coal fired furnaces, and does his new building in St. Clairsville have coal fired boilers. And when he brings Mitt Romney here for a pep rally the word ” War” might put Mr. Romney on edge, being a Vietnam draft dodger like Bush and Cheney. Acccording to Mr. Romney none of his healthy, strapping sons will go into the military because they are “helping him run for President”.

Something he has been doing for 20 years.

Representative Bill Johnson made his periodic report to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch brothers Wednesday at a Republican get together, dutifully beating on the Affordable Health Care Act and Medicare that keeps millions of Americans out of abject poverty.

I think his view of the mules described in his speech must have warped his perspective many years ago.

Gene Campbell