Marx Brothers

Dear Editor

Recently, we’ve been entertained by a variety of Obama supporters submitting letters that extol the alleged, presidential “accomplishments” of the last four years. It reminds me of Chico Marx’s now famous inquiry from the movie Duck Soup, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

Most thinking people’s eyes see that 95% of the jobs lost during the recession were Middle Class jobs. We know that US housing prices show no sign of recovery. Our dollar is now equal in value to a sheet of 2-ply Charmin while US debt has soared to 101.5% of GDP. Despite government claims to the contrary, one trip to the grocery store confirms that inflation is on the rise and we know that the recession never really ended. 401k’s remain depressed while Wall Street has turned into a casino. Obamacare hangs over the healthcare industry like a guillotine. Michelle has fallen through the looking glass and has become the Red Queen while Sasha and Melia are well on their way to becoming fully qualified travel agents. Power plants up and down the river are either closed or in jeopardy, yet some coal miners continue to pen letters that echo party-loyal misinformation. Truth is, under Obama, the EPA is wielded like a weapon of mass destruction. Our borders remain porous and our Fast n’ Furious Attorney General only enforces laws that pass through his personal bias filter. Our State Department is the laughing stock of the world and Presidential overtures to negotiate with terrorists are met only with car bombs.

Yep. For many of us, the fog has lifted and we see the last four years very differently. Permit me to end my letter with another Marx Brothers’ quote in response to Obama’s purported accomplishments. “I’ve had a wonderful time, but this wasn’t it.”

Brett Merryman