Presidential Politics

Dear Editor,

Although Republican /conservative law-makers and pundits would have us believe otherwise, the fact remains that significant accomplishments have been achieved by President Barack Obama and the Democrats in an attempt to revitalize our nation’s struggling economy, inspite of Republican obstructionism and negativity.

Such accomplishments include: during the Obama Administration over 3.9 million private sector jobs, including 500,000 manufacturing jobs, have been added; our nation’s Gross Domestic Product has increased by 2.9 percent; have produced 10 quarters of economic growth; initiatives have led to the creation and/or saving of the jobs of over 650,000 teachers, police officers and firemen; repaired 9,000 highways, roads, and bridges; literally saved the American auto industry; expanded health care coverage to 32 million previously uninsured citizens; have experienced 24 months (and counting) of positive job growth in the private sector, virtually prevented our nation’s second Great Depression, etc.

President Obama’s primary opposition in his bid for re-election appears now to be presumptive Republican Presidential nominee former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, who touts his expertise in the area of job creation. However, the facts indicate that during his tenure as Massachusetts Governor, his state declined from 37th to 47th in job creation nationally.

A most disturbing record, indeed!

Perhaps Gov. Romney is referring to his very personally financially successful career as an investment banker with Bain Capital, where profits always took priority over people?

Electing Romney as our President, I equate to electing the character, “Gordon Gekko” from the motion picture “Wall Street.” Afterall, was it not Romney himself, who stated “corporations are people” and “I like to fire people.”

Remember, the last President who came to the White House with his business experience being emphasized as his greatest strength to be our great nation’s Chief Executive, was Republican Herbert Hoover. How did he do?

Thank You.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry