SJC Commended

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend St. John’s Central High School for making my daughter’s junior year a success. Kelsey has faced many challenges since recovering from a coma and paralysis during the winter and early spring of last year. She is learning to live with permanent partial paralysis as well as other issues that have come about due to chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.

Her chemo treatments will end early this fall and even though throughout much of her high school life she has faced narrowmindedness and apathy from some individuals, so many people at SJC have given her the emotional support all cancer patients need. Mrs. Blackmore, Mrs. Selmon, Mrs. Bethel, her teachers, staff members and other people that are associated with the day to day operations of the school are heaven sent for all of the love and true Christian spirit that shines so bright at SJC. Kelsey is not the only student that has faced medical challeges this year and she will not be the last and St. John’s Central is always willing to work with the student and family to insure a comfortable and positive learning enviroment.

There is one more huge thank you I need to publicize and that is to Angela Harris and Rachel Sterling at The Dance Difference. These two wonderful women have pushed Kelsey to be her best in the art of dance. Without their support and never say “can’t” attitude Kelsey has gone further in her dance than ever dreamed of. She has earned Gold awards at three dance competitions for her solo “I Was Here” and competed with two group numbers from the studio which also earned top awards.

Teenage years are tough enough without medical setbacks and without St. John’s and The Dance Difference my daughter would not be the positive, strong spirited young lady she is today. The lessons she has learned this year and will learn next year at these two excellent schools will help her achieve success in her adult life.

Thank you again,

Lucy M. Baboul

St. Clairsville