Smooth Transition

Dear Editor,

I am taking the time to write this letter to publicly thank the Bridgeport school board members, Superintendent Ted Downing and, especially Principal Rob Zitzelsberger, for making my daughter’s transition into the Bridgeport High School a smooth and pleasant experience.

A special thanks to the secretaries, Mrs. Digiandomenico and Mrs. Windsheimer, for all of their help. After spending 11 years within the Catholic School system, my family and I have decided that a much needed change must take place. Just as any other drastic change brings a bundle of nerves and curiosities; my daughter felt them as well.

Upon entering Bridgeport High School, Mr. Zitzelsberger accepted my daughter with open arms, and immediately helped her to adjust. She was instantly invited to participate in a variety of different events that she had never been presented with before.

I would like to thank Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Mendleson as well as the entire faculty and staff for providing these opportunities. As I am a Bridgeport graduate myself, I am truly honored to have my daughter within the school.

Due to the acceptance and overall kindness of the Bridgeport School administration, my daughter, as well as the entire family, feels that this is the best decision made. My daughter has never experienced a greater level of happiness.

Again, thank you, Mr. Zitzelsberger.


A Thankful Mother,

Shirleann Murad