Dear Editor:

You have doubtlessly seen reports in the media concerning the federal government’s “infusion” of $11 billion into the U.S. Postal Service. It is equally certain that these reports have left you with the impression that this is a “bailout” meant to prop up an inefficient and unprofitable government division.

This is a complete distortion of the facts. The Postal Service has, for several decades, been a totally self-sufficient organization. For all intents and purposes, the USPS has been looted by a 2006 Congressional mandate that pension health benefits be PRE-funded 75 years in advance within a 10 year period. Absolutely no other public or private business is similarly restricted.

This situation, coupled with other pension fund over payments, has relieved the Postal Service of an estimated minimum of $50-$75 billion which should have been applied to operating expenses and innovations that could have kept the Service competitive. While the internet has certainly impacted mail volume, it has also opened the doors to other possibilities.

For example, parcel delivery and tracking is on the rise. But, in order for the USPS to take full advantage of these opportunities, it must be provided full access to the funds that have been generated by Postal workers.

Do not be fooled. These are NOT your tax dollars. This money, and much more, rightfully belongs to the USPS.

Someone is always controlling the media. Please don’t let biased reporting turn you against Unions, collective bargaining, and the American worker. That is exactly what the 1 percenters want.

Roger Kies Jr