Donald Trump

Dear Editor,

To begin with, Donald Trump, is a stupid man and Romney is a fool for signing on with him. All he knows to talk about is Obama’s birth certificate. He is almost four years too late. Aren’t you sick of hearing it?

What are Trump’s credentials for office? Our country is going through a rough time. We need someone with integrity and brains to just break even. He is on his third wife. He can tell you how to do that.

Checks are ending for the long term jobless. If you are trying to figure out why, there is no why, except it was inevitable. We were fighting two wars at the same time. You can’t get blood out of a turnip. I’ll give my grandmother the credit for that one.

We will make it back in time but not with Romney and Trump… Heaven forbid! Their supporters don’t even how how to spell “Ameicra”!!

If you want to lose your Social Security, vote Republican. It’s a sure thing.


Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry