GOP deadlock

Dear Editor,

The Republican’s idea of running the country is to dead lock it. They are dragging their feet on the economy in order to help Romney.

Romney says the President has impinged on our liberties. Talk is cheap, and he lies a lot.

We are a nation of immigrants. The President’s new policy would change the lives of those awaiting deportation, especially the very young.

Immigration policies vary from country to country.

This is something I know very little about.

I feel so blessed to be born here and have my citizenship here.

My grandmother told me we were of German, English and Cherokee descent.

If you want the Democrats to win you can’t ignore Romney, even though he is out of touch with the American people, and he has painted himself into a box. We have to be vigilant.

At any rate, whatever happens at the end of the day, I would rather “swim for it” with Obama than get on the boat with Romney.

Thank you for listening.


Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry