Importance of facts

Dear Editor

We are coming upon one of the most important elections in history. It is important, before we vote to look at both sides of the political parties, to be able to admit to ourselves the real common sense truth instead of convincing ourselves that the person we like will help all of America.

The facts are that before Obama came into his presidency, the country was in terrible shape. I do not believe our president is trying to blame the other side when he brings this up. I believe he is saying, because mistakes were made, we cannot expect different results if we do the same thing. In order to bring this common sense issue to America, he has to discuss how we were in the past.

Our president has never said “I can do this for America, I know how” like his opponent phrases himself most of the time. Our president has always said, “If what we try does not seem to be working, then, we will go back to the table until we can do what is best for America.” Some people say our president has not kept all his promises. He did not hit the unemployment rate or the jobs rate right on! Well, when he made these promises, he actually believed in the goodness and integrity of the other party, to at least vote in the bills that they were for previously to help America. Instead they were concerned to make this his “Waterloo” and vote for nothing. He may not be dead on with all his promises, but the facts are, he did a remarkable job and deserves to finish his job. They fight about regulations. We have regulations in our homes, our schools and our businesses. Regulations are not only to control things, but to protect us from getting scanned, which we know happened to America previously.

I have no doubt Romney is a good husband and father and he made a lot of money. Millions of Americans have this quality, but that does not necessarily qualify them to be our leader. National security, the economy and many other qualities fit into this needed resume.

Everyone in this country who is a legal citizen has a right to vote and a photo ID is not the best way to make sure of who a person is!

Finally we have to put a cap on campaigns. The Supreme Court ruling that we can have any amount of money from anyone, put into our campaigns is the worst ruling in history.

It gives our enemy countries a way to figure out how to infiltrate our elections and get the one voted in, who will surrender to their very scary policies. Every penny of any campaign should equal the same amount and every penny should be accounted for to the public. If a candidate cannot win on just a few million then he should find another job. I myself, after listening to both side of the parties, I believe that our president has done a remarkable job in spite of all the adversities thrown at him.

He has been honest, humble, compassionate, courageous, and has shown remarkable intelligence. The facts are out there. Check, read, watch all tapes and best of luck to who you choose, but please vote. God Bless America.

Mary Smith

Martins Ferry