Military Thanks

Dear Editor,

With July 4th being celebrated soon, I would like to thank all the service men in all the many conflicts they served, past and present, also to their families that were a part of what wars cause – my husband was a Navy Seabee in World War II.

I have a neighbor that gave 26 years to the Army Reserves and three terrible tours of Iraq, leaving a family, a wife, and three children. The flashbacks has made him go on total disability. He like, so many thousands, are suffering for us to be safe.

Finally, the veterans are helping medically. These men are why I am acknowledging him. His life turned upside down but his faith and love of God has never ceased and his loyalty to the service is tremendous.

I am a widow and as all on a limited income. This man, “Tim Riggs” for three years faithfully gets a tractor and mows two acres of ground to my woods – cuts fallen trees, He says, “I’m his widow in the Bible.” and it helps when many, many flashbacks occur. The other part of my lawn I pay for.

On July 4th, especially – but everyday, please remember those here – the one bravely gone and fly the flag honorably and gloriously. The fireworks last a day, but the fireworks in our Veterans are still nightmares. When you see one, His or Her – shake their hand and say God Bless and thanks for keeping us safe, also so many women are forgotten – they have and are serving also.

I know for Tim Riggs, Black Oak Road, Flushing, Ohio, is one of those many who sacrificed and stood proudly in God Bless the U.S.A.

Thanks and prayers, Veterans and Servers, you are loved.

Geri Szymialis