Obama Campaign

Dear Editor,

On the campaign trail in Ohio, President Barack Obama’s speech seemed to be a replay of his winning 2008 campaign…even rehashing his old call for “Change you can believe in.”

However, the president didn’t have much news to say about how he has the stuff to life the nations sluggish economy out of the doldrums.

Winston Churchill’s famous observation that “this pudding has no theme”… applies well to the substance of Obama’s campaign so far. “there’s no proof in the pudding.”

For all his repeated self-proclamations about creating jobs…he has never been able to “talk” them into reality.

President Obama instead ignored the Keystone Project that would create 20,000 construction and manufacturing jobs almost immediately and endlessly, blaming Bush for his troubles, will not hold much water for Obama either.

Unemployment has topped 8 percent of 39 months in a row, under Obama.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville