Time for Change

Dear Editor,

I am responding to all the negative Romney adds on television.

I was a victim of a corporate bankruptcy. They closed the gate when dayshift left. The news was on when I go home to eat dinner. 250 men out of work! I told my wife; “That looks like my mine.” The Union did “nothing,” we were sent to the labor relations board and I was told when the banks were paid, we would get out pay. Never happened. I don’t blame the CEO.

Business has many reasons for closing. One man cannot control this. If you thing Mr. Romney is such a shark, let’s put him on our side? Let’s let Mr. Romney get the U.S.A. back in the Black!

We already know Mr. Obama knows how to spend other peoples money, and we know Mr. Romney know’s how to earn money!

There is at least one true Obama fan out there.

A lady who can find a “type-o” and count to 3.

This lady and others just don’t understand we need a new president!

John Bilica