Agrees with Knight

Dear Editor

I agree with Mr. Dwain E. Knight of Flushing with his assessment of our president in his letter to the editor.

I have been a registered Democrat since 1957, voted in every primary and general election in every year since, including the 3 years I spent in the army.

Events during the past 3 years by the Congress and the President have caused me to rethink my political position. My recent letter to you and published on June 18, stated that approximately $31,496,343 was foolishly spent by our government.

Well, I recently “ran across” some other foolish spending that are just as ridiculous as those “expenditures” mentioned. I wonder why the following information was never published or made the 7 o’clock news?

Again, the following are factual, true and verifiable:

During the 2010-2011 years, 21 members of the White House Staff were given an increase in their salary by a total of $6,101,150. Doing the math, that’s a little more than $29,000 average per year per member. Now that doesn’t include the janitors, gardeners, hair dressers and any other “hangers on” which we know are on the payroll. After the “increase”, the lowest annual salary is $70,000, and highest $172,200 for these people. That’s kind of hard to explain why to a laid off steel worker or our public employees who have run out of benefits or have not had an increase in their wages for years.

To name just a few of the recipients of an increase in salary by their titles, Deputy Director (of what), Deputy Director of Advance,? and Deputy Director of African- American Media, That’s an example, I wonder what they do all day?

Now I see that our Attorney General has been charged with contempt of Congress. Can’t wait to see how he wiggles his way out of this one.

Better wake up, Americans.

James Piatt