Animal Cruelty

Dear Editor,

This letter is for the cruel person who left their female brindle boxer mix dog that recently had pups in the Colerain area on Monday, July 9.

I thought you would like to know what happened to her. She was at a neighbor’s house and they didn’t want her there because of small children and they have two dogs. The next day I took her to my house and tied her outside. She wanted in the house and would not stop barking. I talked to another neighbor and she took her to her house and kept her for three days. She advertised in the paper and we put pictures of her in the local store windows. No one called.

You must have cared for her sometime. She was healthy, was a house dog and would sit on a person’s lap. She knew a few commands.

The neighbor and I have pets of our own and could not keep her. I took her to the Marshall County Animal Shelter on Friday. She looked at every car, truck and house. She thought she was going home. It was a sad day for her and me. Maybe they will find a home for her where she will be loved, maybe not.

The local animal shelters are overcrowded with pets because of people like you who do not take responsibility to spay and neuter your pets.

I hope you can live with your guilty conscience. She didn’t deserve to be abandoned.


Peggy Duvall