Fire Prevention

Dear Editor,

In a sincere effort to keep our young children safe, our Belmont County Fire & Squad Officer’s Association is continuing its commitment to fire prevention.

The department is organizing their annual fire safety and burn prevention education program with diversified materials targeted for the children in our community.

The department will coordinate and distribute educationally sound fire safety materials geared to preschool and elementary age children in our area. The diversified materials we selected for use are designed to reach each child’s age level of learning. The materials are created and designed by the National Fire Safety Council, a federal tax exempt, non-profit organization. They have found the materials to be enthusiastically received by parents, teachers and children alike.

To keep the program ongoing and successful each year we need the support of concerned business, industrial and professional leaders. Your sponsorship of 50 children this year would be $80; 75 children would be $120; 100 children would be $160 and a sponsorship of 200 children would be $320. Won’t you please help keep our program for the children?

In grateful appreciation for your support, your organization or business name will be placed on the prestige page of all the activity manuals. Your prompt remittance will assure your name on the materials the children take home.

This is the only program of this type our department will be conducting this year. All tax-deductible checks are made payable to the National Fire Safety Council, Inc., and mailed directly to my attention at the Fire Department, 69604 Sunset Heights, Bridge port, OH 43912. The charitable solicitation number is 382292422. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used exclusively in our community for our children.

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your time and consideration of this most worthwhile program for our youngsters. With the help of your caring hand, we can keep our children safe from harm.

Yours in Safety, Service & Prevention.

Allan Ketzell III