Former Mayor

Dear Editor,

If the former mayor of Martins Ferry, did so much for the National Lime & Stone coming into Martins Ferry, then why wasn’t he invited to the ceremony? So let me set the story straight.

I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and listened to the National Lime & Stone officials state they have actually been working on this project for five years and they thanked Larry Merry and the current administration for Finally completing this project.

I also attend council and service meetings and I have watched this council agree to move major water lines and put money into this project to have all power lines buried underground. This new council and administration finalized a major project in only six months that the previous administration dragged out for four year and still couldn’t complete.

I’m glad the former mayor can “go to sleep tonight knowing that I did not steal someone else’s thunder.” Not stealing someone else’s thunder?

Like when he showed up in a suit for a picture at Foder Field on opening day; I personally volunteered hundreds of hours to help build the field and I never saw him there in all that time. The Martins Ferry Lions Club bought and built the playground through local donations, a local business was responsible for having the new dugouts built, The Martins Ferry Civics contributed their time and money to projects and the city, under the current administration, spent thousands of dollars on new bleachers, new fence and concrete; he did nothing but show up to “steal someone else’s thunder.” Weeks later he is shown in a picture standing on the new amphitheater in St. Clairsville, and I suppose that was all his idea, too.”

Is the former mayor mad? I suppose he is. He lost the election by 80 percent of the vote! Hell, he can’t even live and sleep in the town where he was mayor.

Good luck, St. Clairsville, our loss is your gain!

Steve Hancock

Martins Ferry